André Alves is a photographer. He began working in 2016 as a stringer for French Press (Wostok Press) based in Rome.

He is interested in religion, social and economical issues and in the indirect consequences of war.

With a start in pure photojournalism he covered mostly breaking news from Deathly Earthquake in Amatrice, Italy to the Wild Forest fires in Portugal, both were shown at Visa Pour L'images screening in News section in 2017.  While living in Kyiv he develloped a intimate relation with the Crimean Tatar community, which he documented, living mostly as IDP since the annexation of Crimea. In Ukraine he started a collaboration with Hans Lucas. 

Being conscious of his presence as a witness and sometimes as a part of the story he uses his lens as a detector.

Recently in 2018 he started to devellop an artist project with a contemporary dancer that will be exhibited in 2020.

Alves has documented Crimean Tatars in Ukraine, and Islam several sects in Senegal and its being pilgrimage to Touba.

Currently his developing work about The Islamic Republic of Iran (Trips Notes), in parallel he works in Portugal and France contributing to the News Agency in France such as  APM.


In Kalout desert, Iran, November 2017.

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29th Visa pour l'image: Festival International du Photojournalisme
Projection in the final screening in General News:

- Earthquake in Italy, Clock tower standing after the earthquake, Amatrice, Italy, August 2016

- Forest fires in Portugal making at least 61 dead, Pedrogão Grande, Portugal, June 2017




Eastreet 4 - PHOTOGRAPHY OF EASTERN EUROPE - exhibition from 20th October to 3 rd December, 2017 at the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, Poland.

September 2015

"Apresentação do rosto ou a impossibilidade da flânerie - New Urban Narratives - Flânuer by Lisboa,
Collective exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal


Diagramas, supported by P4Photography Gallery and
Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).
Co-autor with Filipe dos Santos Barrocas, Isabel Correia.
Exhibited in several cities: Lisbon, Aveiro, Coimbra, Vila
Real, Oporto, Portugal


(book and exhibition) - Pictures from "Huzum is Istanbul".


“Azedume” magazine, Photo editor

“Roots” of Kursat Bayhan from Turkey

“Seliger” of Egor Tsvetkov from Russia


Diagramas - catalogue, Lisbon, Portugal

Diagramas - caderno/hand-made book, Lisbon, Portugal